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There was first the metaphor of body. “[Tysyachelikiy] [tysyacheglazyy] [Purusha], only one fourth are your on the earth, three fourth stretch into the sky, your respiration - wind, your view - the sun, your thought - moon, your skin - the celestial sphere, your bones - mountain”. This Of [upanishady]. [Antropokosmizm] counts approximately 5000 years. This is the metaphor through the hyperbola. Man ( [Purusha] ) grows to entire space. In the 17th Century proto-priest Avvakum on the Good Friday in the prison will see, as were extended his hands and its feet throughout the entire earth. Then “entire is wide and [prostranen] under the sky became”, while it then contained into itself, sky, star and entire universe. It became [Purushey]. But this still not [metametafora].
Mental growth to sizes and scales of entire visible universe - this is the [antropoksmicheskiy] way, macro-space.
Way is theosophic - bringing down of space to the man, the projection of zodiac on all body parts. This is astrology of ancient Egypt. Heavenly bodies and the constellation of zodiac - the body part Of [ozirisa]. Heart - the sun, the liver - the Moon, phallus - scorpion so forth is understandable and it is painfully familiar. These are theosophy and, in addition metaphor. Now speech not about the hyperbola, but about [litote]. Entire space is reduced to the volumes of body and inside.
Connection of hyperbola and [litoty] - [metametafora]: person, who grew himself to space; space, focused into the man. To bring together this it was together possible only at the religious- philosophical level: “The hour of the melancholy of inexpressible - all in me and I in everything” ([F].[Tyutchev]). This holographic [panteizm] is not [metametaforoy]. It too [umozritelen] and [lishen] of solid tangibility.
In order to combine to [litotu] with the hyperbola, it suffices only [navsego] to perceive the relativity of internal and external. If infinitely small particle, ball in the ocean, are turned inside out inside out, it will contain into itself entire ocean, entire space, entire universe. If all universe is turned inside out inward, it will become quite minimum particle. After combining internal- external reversing with the reversing extra-internal, we could become the entire universe, and the universe, after becoming us, would contain itself in us. Man becomes the point of rendezvous of two infinity.

Men - this is the wrong side of the sky
Sky - this is the wrong side of the man

This process I named “they [insaydaut]”. But man in the state of [insaydauta] I named Homo Of cosmicus.
But they [insaydaut] change not only space, but also time of man. Inverted inside out time - this the past and future, [ustremlennoe] at present. And simultaneously present, inverted into the past and in the future. Simply stated, this is eternity. Instant - eternity, and eternity - instant.

How much not was years in the universe,
in man of time it is more.

[Insaydaut] bodies there is an orgasm, conception, the kinds, when it internal becomes external, and external is absorbed inward. However, spiritual they [insaydaut] - [metametafora] - there exists by itself. In [insaydaute] of men gives birth to space and simultaneously space gives birth to this person. As a result to the light appears Homo Of cosmicus, which outwardly does not differ from Homo Of sapiens, but only outwardly. Internally it [obemlet] by itself entire space and it at the same time contains it in itself. It [zhivet] each instant has eternally and at the same time already long ago survived its death.
My first meeting with the [metametaforoy] occurred at that moment when were in 1957 written these lines of poem “infinite”:

Never I will approach you
nearer than flower it approaches the sun

[Metametafora] - these are the infinite approximation of flower to the sun and not less infinite approximation of the sun to a flower… It is more accurate, their infinite rapprochement - this is simple metaphor. [Metametafora] - this is the encounter of the flower and sun.
If not by portent, then the presentiment of [metametafory] were Lomonosov's lines from “the reflections about the God sublimity”: “Was opened abyss stars it was full of. To stars there are no numbers, to the abyss of the bottom”.
Visible infinity - this no longer metaphor, but [metametafora]. Indeed thus far (more accurate, to Copernicus) millions of clever poets looked into the sky, but infinity there they did not see.
It is amusing, that, after breaking the comfortable crystal spheres of Ptolemy around the earth, humanity did not fly to the abyss upward by [tormashkami] (by the way, what these [tormashki] are?), and very quietly it continued to settle in its terrestrial peace. Only to the 18th Century was accumulated the metaphysical courage, which allowed poets to [vosparit] with Giordano's smoke above bonfire by Bruno, long ago [otpylavshim].
Infinity does not exist for the view. It is always abutted against the horizon. But the horizon, as is known, “is called the imaginary line”. As soon as imaginary line ceased to imagine or to be imagined, collapsed Berlin, it Chinese space wall. “By lava run, humanity, cavalry of sounds after bridling”, it [vosklitsaet] [zvezdoslov] Khlebnikov.
But also from there, from space, rushed to us [batyeva] infinity. Some riders, as the neutrino, which does not have rest mass, galloped right through, without having noted us. Others were scattered to the cohorts of quarks, leptons and imaginary particle- peaces - [plankionov], [fridmonov] and maximons. Already [metametafora]! Already poetry. It is however, sufficient physics and cosmology. Who the nevertheless first did create [metametaforu]? It seems that until 1960 such it was not (if it was, I only I am gladdened, but, it seems, that it was not). Although, that I speak, indeed there was already “black square” Of [malevicha] and “violin” of Picasso. And my cousin is placed Pavel [Chelishchev], after leaving peace in 1957, already left to us its “internal landscapes” and [angelicheskie] prospects. Possibly, it by roundabout ways, through Sergey Bulgakov, reached the transactions of Pavel [Florenskiy] about the reverse prospect. But, it seems, that independently of each other two Pavels completed one discovery.
[Metametafora] - this is reverse prospect in the word.
First I called its two terms: the metaphor of Einstein's epoch (so it was on the evening Of [parshchikova], Yeremenko, Zhdanov in [TSDRI], which I conducted in 1975), and in its to circle we called its [misterialnoy] metaphor. In the spring of 1983 to me into [Peredelkino] arrived [Parshchikov] and [Sviblova], also, with them Finnish Slavist the yucca Of [malinen]. Costing on the porch of wing in the house of the creation, where we by Helen [Katsyuboy] were nearby with the short story Of [matveevoy], I on the sudden inspiration proposed to replace the expanded determinations briefly - [metametafora].
- They will think that this is metaphor squared, said someone.
- Well and let they think.
- It will be difficult to pronounce this metametameta…
- Nothing, they will become accustomed, it answered i.
Are past 23 years, and they became accustomed. They pronounce with the ease.
Thus, [metametafora] in the painting arose as reverse prospect, and in the word it was personified 1960- m. Term itself was born by spring, in April 1983 into [Peredelkino]. But the matter completely not in the chronology. Indeed and “trio” it is ruble it is possible to the reverse prospect to fasten, and “godly comedy” of Dante, as brilliantly made Pavel [Florenskiy].
In reality, to the 20th century of [metametafora] it was present in the culture, just as symbol there existed long before the symbolism. But is correct [vosklitsal] Andrey [Belyy]: “If Shakespeare has symbolism, then why then symbolism?” All was present, all was, but not all prevailed.
The difference between the reverse prospect and the [metametaforoy] is very essential. Over the reverse long term the peace is reversed inside out towards the look. In [metametafore] the look is reversed inside out towards the peace.

Worm, after being turned inside out inside out by womb,
in itself contains the apple and tree.

Reversing, or they [insaydaut] in the sound - these are anagram and palindrome, together - [palindronavtika].
In me this came out 76- m to year in the [anagrammno]-[palindromicheskom] “antediluvian gospel”.

Light - news
News - light
Light - news
Light exists
Light - death
Death - light
Light - news
Light exists
Death is dead
Atom dumbness
THAT became THIS

This, if you want, human echo from the abyss, “light- news”. That in my poem “Of [astral]” is revealed by anagram “star everywhere”, in addition the echo to the anagram of Lomonosov “of stars - abysses”.
[Tomimyy] by the presentiment of [metametafory] tsar David [vosklitsal]: “Abyss calls abyss”. My great friend and teacher, student Of [florenskogo], [imyaslavets], secret [skhimnik] in peace Aleksey Fedorovich [Losev] told that only envelopped and limited infinitely. Limitless infinity - stupidity. The fact that it cannot envelop itself, cannot be infinite. [Metametafora] - [obyataya] infinity. “God is not a word, but word - god”, asserted [Losev]. Poetry is not [metametafora], but [metametafora] - poetry.

[Metametafora] - amphora of new sense,
as locomotive in one horsepower…
To it is more right say - “specular locomotive”:
Specular locomotive went
from four sides…

- It will be sufficient, said Andrey Voznesensky, after reading these lines, already all I see!
If you can place yourselves to the center of the tape of Moebius or into the neck of Klein's bottle, you already in the epicentre of [metametafory]. In the labyrinth the infinite universe is limited, and each thing in the universe is infinite. For example, sea and sky are limited by [chreslami], and [chresla] are infinite as sky and the sea:

Cross from the sea- mountain
Cross from the sea- skies
[Solntselunnyy] flickering cross
Cross from the night and the day
through you and me
two into each other of growing [chresl].

In the text “horse of the windows” the window and horse consist of the anagram of [okn] - KON, there - icon.

On the horse window
on the window icon
skip, the horse of the blue windows
You is the window of [razverz] for the cornice
You is the ringing, which sticks upwards
the grin of the blue
Entire I - the frame of other
the celestial window of the blue

[Brodskogo] agitated Voznesensky's [metametafora] “seagull - melting god”. He did not understand that the hovering seagull of [sozdaet] the visible outlines of the infinite body of invisible god. [Brodskiy] never understood, what is metaphor is. It was it teraaed-rub (earth of [zemley]), as speak Frenchmen, and in our opinion [zazemlennyy]. In Voznesensky “the earth rocks in the utility bag of the meridians and latitudes”, “moans in the aquarium glass the sky, welded to the earth”. This is close to [metametafore], it is very close. But [metametafora] requires the geometry of Riemann or Lobachevsky, simply stated, in it is inherent visual (visual), and semantic, and sonic [syur].

Laryngologist glances into the eyes
Garden became blind
[Obnazhennye] edges
by white plow they [vrezayutsya] into the soil
Garden is overgrown by the plows
Killing waste land the child

Infinity, which exits to the depth of the semantic funnel of line and word - this is [metametafora].

I am the heathen of the language
I Janizary the charms
Language my mute
not my

Words are packed into each other, greater it proceeds of smaller, and smaller covers by itself larger.

So [vzasos] is fixed sea to the moon
So [vzasos] of [pet] priest from the cup of the church
So baby smacks in the sleep
it is bled white by the victim of future

The formula of [metametafory] is outwardly simple. It is given in my doctoral dissertation:

- - - - = - - - -

However, as a result I PEACE, but I [Ya]. [Proshche] [govorya], in [metametafore] I [Ya]. [Eshche] more appropriate would be here the formula of the theorem of reversing from the topology (not to confuse with the pathology), but the language of higher mathematics is too cold. Poetry huddles in the school arithmetic, warmed by puffing above the simplest problem without the least hope to solve it. In this sense [metametafora] can manage generally without mathematics, but not without Riemann's geometry, since this sight of angels.

The conductor of butterfly pulls upwards the threads
He first is reflected that it shines
Butterfly is specular and it is reflecting
Who whom will catch - no one knows

Of poetries it can manage without [metametafory], but [metametafora] without the poetry does not occur.

In the man there is [oranzhevost]
but there is no inside
it flies as the well crane
around the body
and although each time returns
at angle to the circles its
in it celestial anticipates the terrestrial
than higher takeoff
that is more the depth
it is possible by dotted line to continue the way
beyond the limit of the limit

Once I attempted to present life without [metametafory] and understood that this life simply does not exist.

Constantine THE CEDARS

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