My love

My love, whenever you’re sad,
Misunderstood, or just feel bad;
Whenever all the love you had
Would disappear from your head;
When all the things that made you laugh
Would turn into some useless stuff;
When morn for you won’t start a day
And when the sun seems so away;
When moon won’t bring romantic mood
And world would seem to be “not good”;
When you would sick of the routine
That numbs you up and dumps your mind…

Come close to me, give me a hug.
I’ll light a light within the dark,
I’ll color up your everyday;
I’ll add your burdens to my weight;
I’ll make new things to make you laugh,
Until you tell me it’s enough;
I’ll show you this world anew,
I’ll ask the sun to warm on you…

For when your love for me is dead,
This world would come to bitter end.
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